Traffic Court Manager

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Safety. Security. Service.

Data protected and secure

CJT is committed to guard and protect our customers’ information. Moreover, this includes documents, cases, warrants and all court information that goes through our platform. Furthermore, we accomplish this by redundant backups to ensure server integrity. Besides, this keeps cyber risks faraway. Above all, our team of IT professionals makes it their mission to monitor and secure all CJT data.

Easy data entry

CJT’s resolve is to craft case management programs for all ages and abilities. In fact, our programmers’ ability to design case management software that is intuitive and easy to navigate is unmatched.

Consolidated receipting

It’s quick, efficient and built right into the case management program. What's more, the court can write, view, edit or void a receipt. Additionally, in case the court wants to restrict those that can void a receipt, the court set-up function can regulate permission, if requested.

Batch processing options including disposition of traffic tickets

This is a quick and easy time-saving option that allows for the multiple disposition of citations with one click of the mouse. For example, batching also includes change of court date, courtesy letters, envelopes, receipting online payments and more.

Scanning tool

Housing documents electronically saves time and space. Picture a world with no more hardcopies to catalogue and store. You can also recover any document for review by a click of the mouse.

Accounting reports

Make reconciling and balancing daily or monthly proceeds a snap with our comprehensive accounting reports.

State Fund reports

The state fund reports are based on R&R from CourtTRAX, thereby, insuring that disbursements are accurate.

Warrant tracking

As long as the warrant date is entered inside the case it will appear on all appropriate Traffic reports. In addition, these reports are also available inside the case.

Probation quick receipting

Fast and convenient receipting available specifically for Probation payments.

Electronically transmitted dispositions, FTA, and withdrawals to DDS

The State requirements for transmission can be daunting. Therefore, CJT’s streamlined transmission process puts the right information in the right State agencies' hands. At the same time, this is an essential time-saver.

Integrated online citation payments

Compatible payment processing is available for quick and easy integration into the case management platform.

Short tutorial videos available for users

These training videos provide a great resource for reviewing forgotten aspects of the program or for training new employees. Equally important, the videos lay a firm foundation of all facets of the case management software and are available directly from the case management program.

Widget Feature

Accessible directly from the case management program, the Widget provides a myriad of useful information. For example. Updates. Articles. How to guides. Tutorial videos. Helpdesk tickets. And all this, right at your fingertips.

Top Quality Customer Service and Support

CJT takes great pride in providing excellent customer service. Call for a demonstration and experience our outstanding blend of user-friendly case management software and superior customer service. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you face-to-face.
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