State Court Manager

State Court Case Management Software

Technology Directed. Customer Inspired.

State Court Manager - Easy navigation and Smooth Data Entry

Crafted for you, our State Court Manager software is designed for all ages and abilities. Moreover, it’s intuitive and easy. Plus it makes good sense!

State Court Manager Has A Comprehensive Case Management Menu

We covered all aspects of State Court and organized them into a complete array of necessary functions for you.

Web-Based Platform

Our software platform can be utilized anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection. Moreover, this is the beauty of State Court Manager's web-based program. Furthermore, it makes it really convenient for you.

Top-notch security

We have an entire team of IT professionals to monitor, oversee and secure all CJT data. Besides, it's their full-time responsibility. Furthermore, we are dedicated and committed to protect and guard our customers’ information. And this includes, all court data that goes through our platforms. In addition, our servers have redundant backups. Finally, this ensures server integrity by crisscrossing server locations to keep cyber risks at bay.

Customer Service you can count on With State Court Manager

Reaching help when you need it is crucial. Most importantly, our customers are the center of our universe. Similarly, providing top-notch customer support is a prime mission. As a result, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to tackle any issue and provide solutions for you! 855-262-7405 toll-free or email us at [email protected].

Time-saving batch options available For You

This is a quick and easy time-saving step that allows for multiple batch options. For instance, disposition of traffic citations, changing of court dates and courtesy letters to name a few. Finally, a couple clicks of the mouse and you’re done.

Cutting edge innovation

We stay on top of changes in technology. In the same way, this is done to enhance our software platform for you. Plus, as a valued customer, we stay attuned to your needs.

Thorough training

CJT offers tutorial training videos, remote and face-to-face instructions. Therefore, giving you a comprehensive training package.

Covers All Aspects of State Court

All facets for filing a civil case are covered in our program, whether that is Statement of Claim, Dispossessory, Garnishment or many others.
Whether an offender has one violation or multiple, it’s handled at the case level.
All the pertinent reports necessary for quick and easy reconciliation are at your fingertips. Disbursement is aligned with CourtTRAX.
There are payment processing solutions that are integrated into the case management platform making online payments or in person a great value for any size court.
This is a time and space saver. Imagine no more paper hardcopies of documents to store and catalogue. All data can be scanned and housed electronically. With just a click of the mouse the court can resurrect any document for review.

Top Quality Customer Service and Support

CJT takes great pride in providing excellent customer service. Call for a demonstration and experience our outstanding blend of user-friendly case management software and superior customer service. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you face-to-face.
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