Probate Court Manager

A Web-Based Program
Designed For Your Court

Custom-built. Secure. Customer Focused.

Probate Court Manager Is hosted in a protected and secure facility with redundant backups.

Probate Court Manager is backed up by an entire team of IT specialists. In addition, it is their dedicated and full-time responsibility to monitor and secure all CJT data. For example, the redundant backups ensure server integrity by crisscrossing server locations to keep cyber risks at bay. Furthermore, this responsibility is further enhanced by CJT’s commitment to protect and guard our customers’ information, documents, cases, warrants and all court information that goes through our platforms.

Probate Court Manager Is User-Friendly

CJT’s Probate Court Manager software case management has been crafted for all ages and abilities. Equally important, our programmers’ ability to design case management software that is intuitive and easy to navigate is unmatched.

Integrated imaging/scanning

This is a time and space saver. Above all, imagine no more heavy cumbersome Docket Books to keep and store. In fact, all data can be scanned and housed electronically. Therefore, with just a click of the mouse the court can resurrect any scanned item for review.

Automatic import and transmission of data

Here is another feature of Probate Court Manager. Furthermore, this is an essential time-saver. Besides, it is done electronically and the automatic transmission eliminates human error.

Batch processing options available

Here is another powerful and efficient time saver included in Probate Court Manager. For example, traffic citations can be batched for disposition and receipting, as well as, courtesy letters, envelopes, bond forfeiture, change of court date and much more.

Compatible online citation payment solutions

There are payment processing solutions that are integrated into the case management platform. Meanwhile, making these online payments a great asset for any size court.


If you want a quick and valuable way to receipt a payment, you’ve got it! For example, receipting is built right into the case management. In fact, a court has the capability to write a receipt, view it, print it or void it if permitted to do so.

Public search for probate records such as estates and marriages.

Direct links to the Georgia Public Records site and the Council of Probate Court Judges of Georgia are provided on the landing page of CJT case management. See links.

Online applications for marriages and firearms.

Quick and easy way to start the process. By allowing applicants to start the first phase of the procedure online, it greatly reduces the amount of time court staff must take in completing the process.

Free state mandated upgrades

CJT is constantly on a mission to stay current of any changes in the law and implement them into the software package. Furthermore, our continual agenda is to always stay attuned to improvements and core benefits. Again, this is a perpetual process and one that requires communication with our customer base of courts.

Live Customer Support

CJT takes great pride in providing excellent customer service. Above all, we have a professional, knowledgeable and friendly customer support team. In fact, their sole purpose is to help our courts with issues, direction and questions. What's more, we really are there for you! 877-262-7405 toll-free or email us at [email protected]

Data Conversion

This is a highly requested service we provide our new customers. Naturally, each court is unique and conversions are handled on a case by case basis.

Transmission of info to PASP, Livescan, DDS, GAVERS

The State requirements for transmission can be daunting. Therefore, CJT’s streamlined transmission process puts the right information in the right agencies’ hands.

Document Customization Available

What a wonderful perk this is! Besides, CJT wants our courts to be comfortable with documents and reports and if customization is needed we will work with you. Most of our web-based documents have been obtained from Council of Probate Judges of Georgia.

100% Web-based

CJT’s PCM.NET with its web-based application makes the world an easier place in which to operate. Moreover, courts can access the case management software anywhere there is a computer with an internet connection. This means from home or out of town, literally anywhere you’re connected!

Quick tutorial videos available for users

These training videos provide a great resource for reviewing forgotten aspects of the program or for training a new employee. Accordingly, the videos lay a firm foundation of all facets of the case management software and are available directly from the case management program.


A super functional feature directly available from the case management platform. Updates. Articles. How to guides. Tutorial videos. And you can even create a help-desk ticket from there. We think you'll love this feature as much as we do!

Ability to coordinate with Law Enforcement for citation import

We will work with you and local law enforcement to determine if it is feasible in your community/jurisdiction. Call for a demonstration and experience our outstanding blend of user-friendly case management software and superior customer service. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you face-to-face.

Top Quality Customer Service and Support

CJT takes great pride in providing excellent customer service. Call for a demonstration and experience our outstanding blend of user-friendly case management software and superior customer service. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you face-to-face.
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