Magistrate Court Manager

Web-Based Platform

Inventive. Quick. Secure.

Secure servers mean secure data

Reliable security is at the forefront of our Magistrate Court Manager case management platform. In fact, we are headed by a team of IT specialist whose dedicated and full-time responsibility is to oversee and protect all CJT data. Likewise, our servers have extra backups that ensure server integrity through a process of changing server locations to control cyber risks. Above all, we are committed to protect and guard our customers’ information and all court data that goes through our platforms.

All in one program

MCCM.NET provides for all aspects of magistrate court case management including receipting and reporting. As a result, It’s a no hassle approach! For example, most of the work being done is at the case level. What's more, no clicking in and out of different modules.

Live customer support

CJT takes great pride in providing excellent customer service. Moreover, we have a professional, knowledgeable and friendly customer support team. Equally important, it is their sole purpose is to help our courts with issues, direction and questions. We really are here for you! 877-262-7405 toll-free or email us at [email protected].

Garnishment payout calendar

This is a valuable tool because the software does the work for you and keeps track of eligible payouts. In addition, the payout calendar also logs aging and ineligible garnishment cases.

Garnishment check printing

Easily available inside the software, garnishment checks can be printed in a batch. And don’t worry CJT staff will work with you to make sure your checks are in perfect alignment.

Built-in calendars for civil and criminal cases

Summarized by Hearing date, the calendars provide pertinent information regarding each case under a specific entered date.

Multiple check registers

If your court utilizes more than one account…no problem. In fact, CJT Software allows for multiple check registers to be set-up for the court’s convenience.

End of month fund payouts and check printing available

Your end of month reports including Fund reports are available at your fingertips from a tab inside the software program. Plus batch printing of checks is also accessible from inside the software platform.

Data Conversion

This is a highly requested service we provide our new customers. Besides, each court is unique. Therefore, conversions are handled on a case by case basis.

Document Customization Available

What a wonderful perk this is! Above all, CJT wants our courts to be comfortable with documents and reports and if customization is needed we will work with you. Also, most of our web-based documents have been obtained from Council of Magistrate Court Judges.

Multiple Magistrate forms available

The forms and reports are available on the Council of Magistrate Judges website.

Both Civil and Criminal Suites provide integrated receipting and scanning

Want to eliminate mounds of paper records? Here’s your answer. In fact, receipts are electronically produced and stored within the platform. Therefore, electronic scanning of court documents defeats the storage problem.

CJT Software integrated warrants (WOW) Warrant on the Web

You are acutely aware of the time it takes to effectively administer your warrants. What's more, CJT Software’s innovative technology streamlines the warrant process through our web-based platform which can be accessed through any connected device anytime, anywhere. And it is completely integrated into the MCCM.NET case management platform.

Quick tutorial videos available for users

These training videos provide a great resource for reviewing forgotten aspects of the program or for training new employees. In fact, the videos lay a firm foundation of all facets of the case management software and are available directly on the case management program.


A super functional feature directly available on the case management platform. Updates. Articles. How to guides.Tutorial videos. And you can even create a help-desk ticket from there. We think you'll love this feature as much as we do!

Top Quality Customer Service and Support

CJT takes great pride in providing excellent customer service. Call for a demonstration and experience our outstanding blend of user-friendly case management software and superior customer service. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you face-to-face.
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